It seems everyone is busy these days. And if we are not busy we have the pressure of a long list of things that must get done asap! We all read the articles screaming “Stress Kills” and wish we had the time to take a vacation or at least get a good night’s sleep (which we haven’t had in ages!) but we’re too stressed to relax and sleep well

The Good News – it’s not the stress, it’s what you think about the stress that matters. Instead of believing the pounding heart and faster breathing are damaging, realize the faster heart rate helps prepare you for action and the rapid breathing sends more oxygen to your brain, helping your body rise to this challenge.

In a study of 1000 adults ages 34-93 it was found that the subject’s who realized those benefits had a healthy response. In a 8 year follow up 30% of those who experienced major stress died. Among those who cared for others during such a stressful time there were no deaths. The conclusions were that we can see stress as helpful and engage courage and connection with others to create resilience and strength.

The Siva Method seminars are designed to help us “rewire” our brains to a default of relaxation in the presence of stress. The basic Silva Life System, through the use of dynamic meditation, enables us to learn body and mind relaxation leading to restful sleep, improved memory and concentration, management of our habits, improved decision making, relieve of headaches and other pain, and many other benefits.

*The Truth About Stress, Kelly McGonical on TED Talks.