I have been teaching the Silva Seminars for 23 years now and I constantly learning new information that reinforces what Jose Silva discovered in his research more than 40 years ago.

A few years ago I attend a workshop with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.    He is a cellular biologist, author and lecturer.  He is the former Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Research Fellow at the Stanford School of Medicine.  The literature says “Bruce is a recognized authority in bridging science and spirit.” He has written “The Perception of Change” and his information has certainly influenced my life and the way I teach the Silva seminars.

Bruce was the first to talk about the evidence to show that our genes do not control our health or our behavior.  The phrase, “It runs in the family” refers to inherited tendencies and learned “programs” we acquire, unconsciously, during the first six years or so of our lives to enable us to function in our family and society.  These programs and the abilities and limitations we experience reflect our perceptions of life and the experiences generate the patterns that become our programs.

Most of our behaviors are subconscious reactions to events and we are not even aware of the real reasons we react as we do.  The Director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysicology at the University of Illinois said, “The fact is, as adults, we spend most of our time subconsciously responding to life rather than consciously creating it.”

And our perception, about ourselves and the world, “controls our biology, directs our behaviors, and profoundly influences our health.”  In other words, “genes don’t turn themselves ‘on’ or ‘off’ causing cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes or any number of other so called, ‘genetically inherited’ maladies, without something signaling them to do so…it comes from outside the gene, not from the inside.”

This information would be of little value except for the awareness that we do have the tools to consciously change the subconscious programming and create the experiences we desire.

Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method Programs, was aware of our ability to ‘reprogram’ our ‘inner conscious’ states of mind and designed many techniques to enable us to improve our functioning.  A few of those techniques are for: physical and mental relaxation; improving sleep habits and waking up at the time we choose; stopping tension type and migraine headaches; stopping pain and bleeding; recreating (or creating) excellent health; communicating at the ‘subjective’ level; gaining control of our intuition; setting goals at the optimum level for success in finances, relationships, health, happiness and general well being; and any area we desire to focus on.

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How to get a job of your dreams and get rid of the heartburn through simple meditation – guaranteed!

I have to say that one of the main objectives that I pursued when I took Silva was to be able to manage my anxiety and find a job. (Besides other objectives like to manage my heartburn without any medicine…)

During the seminar you conducted this wonderful exercise where everybody programmed a goal.

On Dec. 19 I was informed that I won the position.  This position is exactly what I asked for during my meditation in absolutely all the details. Just to mention a few; flex time, on day off every other week, a bonus, vacation time, salary, interaction of the job with my family, HAPPINESS with my husband and my husband happy because my job and all that that demanded from us.

In relation to my patience, the Silva Method gave me the strength to face 1 year 9 months without a job.  With the techniques I was able to find the answer to “What I am doing wrong?”  Without any doubt the meditation helped me to control my anxiety during the very long hiring process. (4 months)

About my heartburn, it simply disappeared.  I went to the doctor to be checked and after an endoscopy he found me much better that 2 years ago and strongly suggested me to not take any more antacids.

These are the two things that I have with ‘concrete’ evidence.  The coincidences, the answers to questions or problems, the quick healing for falls, just to mention a few are part of my day to day experience now.  And I welcome them with happiness each time.

Thank you very much for teaching me the techniques.     PL