The Silva Method Life System Training

The Silva Method Life System Training is the foundation to all other Silva programs. It is designed to increase the creative powers of your mind by the use of visualization and imagination, positive thinking and meditation.

The unique thing about the Silva Method is that we work at that level usually thought of as the “subconscious” level to make lasting changes by changing our beliefs and desires.  We access a special level of mind which is more focused to enable us to connect with our Source or God or Higher Intelligence or Cosmic Consciousness for guidance and for enhancing our creativity and problem solving abilities and developing our intuition.

Intuition, or ESP, is a natural function – everybody has it.

ESP is what gives us the ability to make the correct decisions and get the information necessary for our success in
our personal and professional interactions.
The key is learning how to use it accurately and reliably. This seminar gives us the tools to do that and be more successful and effective in everything we do.

The seminar consists of guided exercises, starting with guiding you into a relaxed state. With practice, you become more in tune with your self and your surroundings.

Each exercise leads you to greater awareness and an increased ability to focus your thoughts.

We begin with relaxation, which is basic to everything we do.

Relaxation is very important because it is said that stress causes more than 95% of our illnesses, mental as well as physical.  We focus on the causes of our stress and how we can “reprogram” our brains and minds so we can alleviate it. We then focus on relaxing the body, physically, from scalp to toes.

We talk about the vital importance of the Principle of Attraction.

That is, whatever subject or belief we put time and energy and emotion into is attracted to us and expands. This is true whether it is a belief that we want to be true or a belief that we know causes unhappiness or limitation in our life.
This is basic to The Silva Method teachings and is the secret behind The Secret, the movie which has achieved widespread recognition.

Next, we focus on other self improvement techniques:
• for sleeping well,
• for improving our health,
• for eliminating tension and migraine headaches,
• for recalling information when we want it,
• for setting goals at the subconscious level for better success,
• for pain & bleeding control,
• and for changing our limiting beliefs at the subconscious level

We also create a laboratory at a special, deeper level of mind to use  for our goal setting and solution creating activities and bring guides into our laboratory to be our connection to all the information necessary for these mental actions.

Additionally, in the seminar there are other techniques that can help us be more effective  in our business or profession and we learn the Secrets of the most effective way to program our goals. Focus, concentration and increased creativity are a natural outcome of the seminar.

Some time is spent on using the techniques with children. Children who attend the seminar effectively use the techniques for great success in self-confidence, school, their personal habits, relationships, etc. We recommend the seminar to any child
more than 9 or 10 years old.

These newfound abilities allow you to solve everyday problems, to gain a better perspective of your life and manifest your desires. By using the basic building blocks of the Silva Method, Desire, Belief, and Expectancy, YOU can achieve personal greatness!

We guarantee you will be satisfied or you can get your complete money back. You be the judge.

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