Relaxation and the ability to manage stress are the first benefits that people experience after taking one of the Silva Method Seminars.  And those are major benefits.  Unmanaged stress creates conditions in our mental functioning and our physical body that are disruptive and destructive to health and can even shorten our lives.  And learning dynamic meditation and “mental housecleaning” to relax the mind and body can be life changing.

I recall the story of the Silva classes that dramatically changed a woman’s life.  I met her, let’s call her Ellen, at a church in the Houston area.  She was a resident at a local mental treatment facility because of her Obsessive Compulsive behavior of compulsive cleaning.  This disrupted her home and family and made life unbearable for all of them.  We talked and she was very interested in my explanation of what I did as a Silva Seminar Instructor.  She asked if she might be allowed to take the classes.  I said I certainly would permit it, if she could get permission from her therapist.

The following weekend Ellen showed up to attend the first weekend of the Series.  She found it very interesting even though she could not stay awake during the meditations. The relaxation techniques were working very well for her! At the close of the second day she assured me she would be back for the second weekend, and sure enough, she was there ready to begin on time.  She was excited about how she was feeling and the progress she felt she was making in her treatment.  Again she was an enthusiastic participant in the exercises, even though she slept through the meditations all weekend.  After receiving her certificate of completion of the classes she assured me she would keep in touch and let me know how she progressed.

Ellen was released from the residential facility to return home two days after completing the Silva classes.  She wrote me letters several times through the years of how, though she was still on medication, she was living a normal life and she and her family were extremely grateful to Jose Silva and the Silva Method training she had received.

Stress Management can truly be life changing!

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