Brain imaging is getting so precise that neuroscientists can almost tell what you are thinking from observing what part of your brain is active.  And, they can determine whether your thoughts have positive or negative effects on your body and health.  Jose Silva discovered this to be true long before the technology for brain imaging was possible.  He used this information to help people focus their thinking in a way to create better health and the positive future they desired.

One of the speakers of the 2010 Silva Conference, “The New Science of Silva” is Dr. Mark Waldman.  Dr. Waldman and his co-author, Dr. Andrew Newberg have written numerous books, the latest being, How God Changes Your Brain.  Their research shows that meditation can change the brain’s structure and functioning by as much as 25 percent and that the Silva techniques and processes are the most effective way to balance your brain and reprogram it for success.  This confirms Jose Silva’s teachings.

Jose Silva also developed techniques for influencing and healing for others, humans and animals, at a distance, through imagination and visualization.  Though the brain imaging research does not yet show that this is possible,  I offer stories, below, that confirm the techniques have been reported as effective, repeatedly.

Those techniques are shared in the Silva Intuition Training classes. Perhaps you would like to participate and conduct your own research.  Check the Schedule for classes.


Pat is a psychiatrist in a mental hospital.  She reported, “I use the techniques in all areas of my life, but I seem to get the most dramatic results working with difficult mental patients….One particular patient refused to take her medication and was very hostile to me and all the staff.

“I mulled over the situation and decided this was a great opportunity to use the creative visualization goal setting technique.  I imagined what I really wanted.  I ‘saw’ her coming to the nurse and saying, “I’m ready to take my medication now.”

“Within a short period of time she came to the nurse’s station and said “I’ve been acting like a ____ _____.  I’m ready to take my medication now.”  It was a wonderful manifestation for all of us.”


A man was in the hospital with a bad infection in his one remaining leg.  On Sunday morning his family was told the leg would have to be removed on Monday.  On Sunday afternoon a group of Silva students focused their distant healing techniques on the man and his leg.  On Monday morning the doctor told the family that there had been a dramatic change in the leg’s condition and that surgery would not be necessary.


“A skunk started coming to our back lawn every night and spraying his scent, which would penetrate the house and was quite disturbing.  My husband said he would take care of the problem by shooting the skunk.  I didn’t want to see the skunk killed and I decided to talk to it, mentally.  I told him that his scent really was a problem for us and if he continued to spray in our yard, he would be shot.  He must have gotten the message because he has not sprayed in our yard since!”


“When we moved and then had to travel occasionally our dog was placed in a kennel.  He was not happy with being separated and didn’t eat while we were gone. After a few trips with this result, I became very worried about him.  Using the Silva techniques, I began “communicating” with him every day and visualized playing with him and talking with him, just as I did when we were home.  From that time on he always ate well and was in good spirits when we picked him up.”

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